Even they like a change once in a while

I'm Lovin' It

Yes, a play on words, but they love our work

Old Retaining Wall

Our clients had a fire barrel a little too close to their retaining wall

New Retaining Wall

McLeod’s Landscape and Gardening Services stepped in and created a brand-new wall for them

Backyard ReVamp

Need a Great looking backyard ? Why not add new turf ?

Backyard ReVamp

McLeod’s Landscape & Gardening Services make it look easy

Need Triming ?

Do your hedges and walk ways need maintenance

Not Now

McLeod’s Landscape & Gardening Services can make an entrance worth walking through – Even the sun agreed!

Need Privacy ?

MLGS can block out the noise and pesky foot traffic

We have you Covered

We can make a thin hedge look amazing AND Private

Why Choose MLGS ?

MLGS is a successful gardening business based in Healesville. We pride ourselves on our reliability, friendly approach and most importantly, our knowledge of the industry. We have a wealth of experience working for numerous commercial and domestic clients.

We know that customer satisfaction is key to business, so we ensure the highest standards of work at a highly competitive and reasonable rate. Whether you need a stripy lawn, lawn cutting, hedge cutting, leaf clearance, or patio and driveway clearing, we can give you a competitive quote. Full property maintenance if that’s what you require.

The garden maintenance services provided throughout the year include:

 Ride On Mowing

 Cultivating, improving & aerating soil

 Hedging, pruning, & trimming plants

 Fertilising, mulching & improving plant health

 Pest & disease control

 Lawn edging, mowing, & blowing

 Weeding & collection/removal of leaf litter

 Removal of rubbish from your property

You’ve got an idea for your garden? Your Services can include:



 Paving & Decking

 Retaining Walls




 Artificial Grass

At MLGS, we understand that today’s busy lifestyles mean that you have less and less time to spend on the maintenance of your home and garden. We also understand that your garden represents a valuable monetary and personal investment that deserves expert attention and care.

It is our mission to ensure that your garden looks its absolute best and continues to thrive and grow healthily into the future. Our maintenance staff will devise a personalised and seasonally based maintenance program for your garden to ensure that appropriate maintenance and care is being delivered all year round.

From the smallest courtyards through to the grandest properties, we are passionate about gardens of all shapes, sizes, styles and maturity. With MLGS maintaining your garden, you can be assured that your growing investment is being nurtured, protected and cared for.

Michael McLeod


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McDonald’s Keilor Park where using a service that would come and maintain the carpark and gardens surrounding our premises. They had been working with us for many years.

When I became Manager I decided to look at our options as in my view the area looked ordinary and not that well maintained. We decided to look at alternatives. Following a recommendation, we did our homework and found glowing references for MLGS, so we decided to engage their services. The rates where very competitive and service arrangements most suitable. What a difference! Our store looks fabulous, clean, tidy and maintained again. Even our customers have noticed.

Thanks to Michael and the team at MLGS

Liz Quinn

Restaurant Manager, McDonald's - Keilor Park

We own a rental property and after tennants leaving the property a lot less than desired when they left we were dreading what lay ahead of us in the clean up of the gardens and really didn’t know where to start.

We contacted MLGS and they were quick on the job, and what a fantastic job it was. They cleaned up the front and back yard completely so we didn’t hardly recognise the house!

Our property was rented out again quick smart thanks to the help of Michael and the boys.

Peter Wright

Rental Home Owner

Our Newest Staff Member

I would like to introduce to everyone our newest staff member and a member of the McLeod Landscape and Gardening Services family. Kit - last name Kubota! She is surely going to help us in a big way and most importantly help our clients out. She is robust and energetic...

I’ll have NO MEAT with my veggies thanks

Who doesn't love HOME GROWN VEGGIES!!! We do here at MLGS but we certainly don't like the "meat" that sometimes comes with it or get's it BEFORE we do. BUGS! Our worst nightmare. Below are a few "home remedies" for bugs that we like to use BEFORE we have to reach for...

Hop To It !

If animals, namely rabbits think of your garden as the local salad bar, here's a sprays to try. There's no guarantee they'll work, depending on how many bunnies there are and what their other options are, but they are inexpensive and worth a try. PEPPER BUNNY CHASER 1...

Have you got Spots ?

BAKING SODA SPOT BUSTER This simple spray is useful for fighting black spot on roses and other fungal diseases on all sorts of plants. It will also discourage many insects. 1 teaspoon baking soda 1 teaspoon vegetable oil 1 teaspoon natural dish soap or liquid soap 1...

Our Logo

Thank you to the kind people down at Vistaprint for looking after me with my new business cards. Quick turn around, and very reasonable price. Highly recommend July 2017 We've been shut down here at MLGS for a few weeks, due to myself being involved in a car accident...

Old Timber

A lot of people have their fences replaced these days and have old sleepers lying around? Do we know what to do with them? Burn them? - NO - they are treated and give off chemicals !!! Why not cut them up and add them into your garden as features. Quick, easy and...

Fury Friends

As a Gardener, we have to be aware of the little guys that live in our trees. Yes, possums and birds can be a little annoy but they are a gift of nature. The gardens that we work on are there homes. Be kind to them and respect their homes just as you would like them...

Lush Lawns

If practical, try and stay off the lawn when ground conditions are wet. The grass plants will be easily damaged and no recovery will take place until spring when growing conditions improve. Also a handy hint. Keep your lawns at a 5-7 cm height all year round, this...

Our New Site

Welcome Everyone to our corner of the web. Here you will see our work, our sense of humour and us - McLeod's Landscape & Gardening Services We are putting up our thoughts, our work and some handy hints for the backyard gardener. Oh and we would love to hear from...