Gardening Services

All our services are Residential and Commercial

Residential Services

From the smallest courtyards through to the grandest properties, we are passionate about gardens of all shapes, sizes, styles and maturity. With MLGS maintaining your garden, you can be assured that your growing investment is being nurtured, protected and cared for.

Ride On Mowing

Cultivating, Improving & Aerating Soil

Hedging, Pruning & Trimming Plants

Fertilising, Mulching & Improving Plant Health

Pest & Disease Control

Lawn Edging, Mowing & Blowing

Weeding & Collection/Removal of Leaf Litter

Removal of Rubbish from your Property

Turfing | Artificial Grass


Paving & Decking

Retaining Walls


Planting | Hedging | Gravelling

Commercial & Residential

Commercial Services

It is our mission to ensure that your garden looks its absolute best and continues to thrive and grow healthily into the future. Our maintenance staff will devise a personalised and seasonally based maintenance program for your garden to ensure that appropriate maintenance and care is being delivered all year round.


Landscaping, Turfing, Paving & Decking, Retaining Walls


Planting, Hedging, Graveling, Artificial Grass


Weeding & collection/removal of leaf litter, Removal of rubbish from your property


Mini Digger, Excavation Works, Trenching

Yard Maintenance

Ride on Mowing, Cultivating, improving & aerating soil, Lawn edging, mowing, & blowing

Plant Maintenance

Hedging, pruning, trimming plants, Fertilising, mulching, improving plant health, Pest & disease control


Sheds, Slabs, Driveways, Paving, Pathways


We offer services to commercial businesses - not just your homes

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